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Power of unity: SC to intervene in Afrazul case

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Afrazul Khan's wife Gulbahar wants justice and now the Supreme Court has accepted her petition.





  • LEGAL UPDATE - SC admits our petition!

    by CrowdNewsing on February, 06 2018



    First of all, big congratulations to close to 600 responsible citizens who came together and made a contribution to Afrazul Khan's family. We raised more than 7,50,000 rupees through the CrowdNewsing platform. In addition to the online contributions, many citizens made direct contributions to Gulbahar ji, the wife of Late Afrazul Khan. She also received financial support from West Bengal and Rajasthan governments.

    As of now she doesn't exactly know what she would do with the funds but we have received lots of ideas on setting up a small business in the village. Feel free to send more ideas and we will pass them on - eventually, the decision will be taken by her and the three daughters.

    For all those who remember, we had spoken about setting up a legal team that takes the matter to India's Supreme Court. Even though we couldn't raise enough funds, Gulbahar ji is determined to fight for justice.

    Supreme Court lawyer Fuzail Ayyubi and his team of advocates offered to take the case pro-bono and did not charge any fees. When the matter came up for hearing in Supreme Court, our case was argued by Indira Jaising, one of the most respected lawyers in India, who agreed to represent Gulbahar at a much discounted fee.

    But here comes the important part. The first battle was won when the highest court admitted Gulbahar ji's plea. Our heartiest gratitude and respect to everyone involved.

    These are some of the main points of the petition:

    • Appoint a Supreme Court monitored independent national agency to look into the case.
    • The scope of investigation can not be limited to Shambunath Rehgar, the accused, instead 'look into spreading of hate speech of a communal nature targeting a whole religious community...'
    • Investigate the communal myth called 'Love Jihad' and take steps to counter the spread of this fictitious propaganda.
    • Ensure removal of the violent video from social media and make Youtube, Facebook etc accountable for the spread of such hateful material that encourages copycat crimes.
    • Better compensation by the state, since it failed to prevent spread of communal violence.

    As you can see, most of these points have far reaching consequences and can go a long way in addressing the growing challenge of communal hate in India. You can read more about the case in India Today and a detailed version in Live Law.

    All this couldn't have been possible had ordinary citizens like you not decided to join this battle. A big congratulations to each one of us for being a part of this. Let's just take a moment to thank Syed Mohammad Ahmer, a responsible citizen based in Hyderabad, who decided to launch this campaign on CrowdNewsing and has since been selflessly coordinating between Gulbahar ji, the legal team and the CrowdNewsing community.

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  • Dear Vasundhra Raje, We want Justice, not charity.

    by CrowdNewsing on December, 12 2017



    So the Rajasthan government finally responded to our outrage. The accused was arrested and Vasundhra Raje announced 5 lakh rupees as compensation for Afrazul's family. 

    Really now?

    No madam Vasundhra Raje, the citizens of this country don't want your charity, we want you to do your JOB, which is to deliver justice in this case, and in all other cases related to hate crimes. The citizens have already raised more than 3.5 lakh rupees in less than 72 hours. And if we keep the momentum going on this campaign, we will not only adequately provide relief to Afrazul's family, we will also be able to raise funds for a legal fund, that will be used to hire a network of top lawyers who will work on this campaign. 

    So the onus is on each one of us to share this post. We are also leaving you with this video that is fast going viral. Share it far and wide and ensure the public attention on this issue doesn't die down.

    Warm Regards

    Team CrowdNewsing

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About the Fundraiser

INDIA'S SHAME: Campaign for Relief and Justice for victims of hate

By now most of us have seen the chilling video of a man in red shirt and white pants killing a poor labourer from behind. He hacks him with an axe, pours petroleum on him and burns him alive. 

It's sickening to the core. Can there be anything more pathetic than that? Unfortunately, yes.

There is a very high chance that the government and the pro-govt media will do everything they can to get the murderer out of the jail, and will even get him a job, as they have done in the past. The problem is not the murderer alone, it's the system that incentivises hate attacks and extra-judicial murders. 

So many of us have been protesting against this government sponsored hate apparatus but it has all fallen on deaf years so far. We consulted a few lawyers and we were told that the only option now left is to get the Supreme Court to intervene and order a court-monitored investigation.

Yes, Justice is important. But at the moment, Mohammad Afrazul's family also needs some immediate relief. The West Bengal govt has already announced an amount of 3 Lakh rupees but we feel that is not enough, given the scale of tragedy. The unskilled labourer had gone to the field with his killer to earn some money for the wedding of the youngest of his three daughters.

We are looking to raise 50 lakh rupees for his family. Let's send out a strong message: We don't want charity from the government, we want justice. Money we can take care of ourselves.

After we reach this goal, we are also looking to raise another amount of 50 lakh rupees that will be used to build a strong legal case. Lawyers after lawyers say the same thing: It's impossible to prove anyone guilty when the investigating agencies themselves are hand in gloves with the murderers. The only way to keep murderers like Shambhulal Regar in jail is if the honourable Supreme Court is made to intervene and order a COURT-MONITORED probe into these cases. The funds will be used to undertake such legal steps necessary to ensure fair investigation and prosecution of the case. These are no ordinary cases, these communal attacks hurt the very essence of India's constitution.

Remember Junaid, the young boy lynched in a train near New Delhi? His father says they have no money to hire a lawyer. Shame on us.

These funds will be used to build a coalition of lawyers working on these hate cases. Most lawyers have been working pro-bono (for free) but as citizens it's our responsibility to offer them the financial backing they need beyond their time and expertise.



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